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SENIOR Final Exam Information 2019

Welcome to the End of the School Year 2019!

With final exams, exam exemptions, and the changes to our bell schedule, we wanted to reach out with an update for parents.

Senior Final Exams: Senior Exams begin on May 14th and will follow the schedule outlined below:

Tuesday,  May 14th – 1st  and 2nd period

Wednesday, May 15th – 3rd and 4th Periods

Thursday,  May 16th – 5th/6th  and 7th Periods

Friday, May 17th  – 8th Period

Seniors will take exams during a regular 8 period day and there will be no change to the bell schedule during Senior Exams.

CHECKOUT DURING EXAMS: Please note that students are not to check out during exam periods, but need to remain during their testing period for the duration. Out of respect and consideration for all students testing at this time, we appreciate your support! The current bell schedule times are located here:

SENIOR FINAL EXAM EXEMPTION LETTERS:  We will began distribution of these on Tuesday, May 7th  from each classroom teacher. Forsyth County Schools and Lambert High School currently follow a Final Exam exemption policy which states that students may be exempt from the final exam at the end of a semester-long or year-long course (with the exception of required tests such as End of Course Tests, Advanced Placement, etc.) if they have a rounded Exemption Average of 90 or above. If your child meets these criteria, then your child will bring home a letter for your signature from their teacher that acknowledges this fact. The signed Final Exam exemption letter must be returned to the classroom teacher to excuse the absence for that class period.

PLEASE NOTE: Seniors are ONLY exempt from attendance in the class for which they have earned an exemption for the exam, students can't be excused from attendance for the rest of the periods on the day of an exam.

We realize there are a variety of end of year activities; however, please note that there are NO EARLY EXAMS given. Students who miss an exam and need to make it up are to collaborate with the classroom teachers respectively to plan for completion. Questions regarding individual circumstances should be directed to Dr. Ashley Johnessee (

We wish our students and parents the best as they wrap up the school year!