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New Student Registration

Please see link below that includes all of the information required for new student registrations:


Once enrollment is complete at the Hill Center, the parent must schedule an appointment for class scheduling with our Registrar, Mrs. Danielle Hosier at 678-965-5050 ext. 411056 anytime between the dates of June 6th- July 22nd. After July 22nd, please contact the student's specific counselor to schedule an appointment for class scheduling (see counselor breakdown below).  





9th and 10th grade:


A - LEE    Mandy Malcolm   ext. 411081


LEG - Z    Shreya Patel   ext. 411080



11th and 12th grade:


A - CL     Keisha Moore   ext. 411065

Department Chair of Counseling


CO - H    Spencer O’Grady   ext. 411061


I - ME     Chelsey Bucherati   ext. 411059


MI - SA   Layton Walker   ext. 411072


SC - Z     Travis Church   ext. 411057