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Longhorn Nation!
We are so excited to see you for the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL tomorrow! Couple of reminders to help you get this year started!
Thursday, August 13th will be a LAMBERT Block day. When you log into Parent Portal, you will see that odd periods are scheduled on LAMBERT days. Keep it simple and report to 1st period. Click here for our 2020-2021 Bell Schedule.
Due to the widespread internet outage, some of our students MAY not see their FVA classes in itsLearning tomorrow. We are working as fast as possible to synchronize our itsLearning and Infinite Campus portals and there will be no penalty if you cannot access the course tomorrow. Additional information will be shared as we remedy this issue. We appreciate your patience.
Counselors are working to update schedule concerns reported on our Schedule Issues Form
For our face-to-face students... to ALL courses that appear in your schedule - even if they are incorrect. 
...if you arrive in a class and find that it is incorrect once you are on campus, please complete the Schedule Issues Form so that we can begin working on that information AND REMAIN IN THAT CLASS
...check your schedule in Student Portal throughout the day so that you can see if a change has been updated at your request.
....not all change REQUESTS can be processed due to conflicts. If you submitted a request and it is not changed, there is a high liklihood that your request was not possible due to scheduling constraints.
If a student does not have a class in their schedule, the period states SEE COUNSELOR. Students with this designation in their schedules AFTER 8 PM on Wednesday, August 12th, should report to the Counseling Office during THAT PERIOD ONLY. This is in effort to maximize physical distancing and allow counselors to work through ongoing schedule issues.
During 3rd period, students will be reminded to check their lunch section with their teacher (assignments are based on their 5th or 6th period teacher). The matrix of lunch times is available here and on our LHS website to help streamline these questions.

If you are arriving on campus for a 5th or 6th period class ONLY, you will need to report directly to that class and are NOT expected to stay for the corresponding Lunch/Advisement period.

Students who have early release (IE^2) are not required to stay for lunch and advisement if those courses occupy the last slot on their schedule for the day.

All students who purchased a locker on line or want to purchase one for $10, please look for the table in the main hallway to pick up your locker during your lunch/advisement wave. Simply bring proof of purchase to the table and you will be given a locker in the hallway of your choosing.
Students will not be allowed on campus prior to 7:45 am. Students entering campus after 7:45 am will be admitted into the building and directed to the cafeteria, gymnasium and auditorium. At the 8:15 am bell, students will be released to their first period teacher.

At 3:35 pm, Lambert High School will begin a staggered release schedule beginning with car riders and drivers, At approximately 3:40 pm, bus riders will be released. All students must leave campus immediately after dismissal or report directly to their after school activity practices.


Students who will be attending face to face instruction at Lambert will need to bring the following to campus everyday:

    • Technology (if possible)

    • Water Bottle

    • Personal School Supplies (to minimize sharing)

    • Personal Hand Sanitizer

    • Face Mask

Welcome Back, Longhorns!