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ALL Virtual Students!!!

Hello, Longhorns!

For students who are registered full or part-time through FVA or GAVS, please fill out the  Virtual Transportation Permission Form . This will allow us to know which students will remain on campus for their virtual period(s) and which will not. Students who are registered in a virtual class are not required to be on campus during those virtual periods as long as the parent/guardian has submitted a completed   Virtual Transportation Permission Form. Any student who does remain on campus for their virtual class period(s) will need to report to the cafeteria (for periods 1-4) OR the media center (for periods 5-8).

Counselors are diligently working to process schedule change requests submitted through the  Schedule Issue Form. Please note that unlike previous years, we are unable to process as many schedule requests as usual due to the constraints of our master schedule, which had to accommodate every virtual and face-to-face student. There is no need to follow up with an email or phone call to the counselor if you have submitted the form.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
The LHS Counseling Department