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Morning Car Line ~ We Are Connected and Need Your Help

Brookwood has two different entrances. The first entrance from Brookwood Road is the bus lane. For safety reasons, please do not pull into this lane in the mornings. The second entrance (by the marque) is the car line. If you like to park and walk your child to the door, please make sure you escort them all the way into the building using the designated walk-way. You are welcome to get your hugs and kisses inside the building before you go. If you choose to walk your child into the building, please remember that when you leave you will not be allowed to back out of your parking spot until the car line is completed at 7:40 a.m. If you are unable to wait until 7:40 then please stay in the car line and drop off your children with our staff.

We have noticed that several parents have been running quite late. In order for you to get through our car line quickly and safely we are asking that you consider leaving your home 10 minutes earlier. By doing this, you will get through the car line before school begins and not risk your child being late to class. By getting to school earlier your child has an opportunity to unpack, make lunch selections and socialize with friends without being rushed straight into the school routine.

Don’t forget that Forsyth County has excellent transportation via the bus that you could also consider. Riding the bus guarantees your child is never late to school and you don’t have to mess with a long car line.

If you have any questions regarding our procedures, please contact Tracey Smith, Principal at