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Whitlow students "Think Global, Act Local" with many STEM projects...
Each grade level investigates real world problems through community-based projects that tie in directly to their grade level standards. Students engage in experiences to discover global issues and work on ways to make improvements in hands-on projects. Students Challenge, Inspire, and Act on these projects!


Kindergarten:  Kids in the Coop

C: Can we make our chickens happy?

I: Let's learn to take care of our chickens. Will you pass it on?

A: How many more eggs can we get when our chickens are happier?

First Grade:  Weather Wizards

C:  How does weather affect you?

I:    What is the impact of weather on our animals and garden?

A: How can we become lifelong weather wizards and get others to act too?  

Second Grade:  Citizen Scientists in Action

C: How can YOU be a citizen scientist?

I: How can YOU help our world by helping frogs in Forsyth County?

A: How can YOU act to help frogs to insure that they/WE keep our environment the BEST IT can be?

Third Grade:  Conservationists at Work

C: How can we reduce, reuse and recycle materials?

I: How can we inspire others to follow our lead in reducing, reusing and recycling materials in our community and our world?

A: How can we become life-long conservationists?

Fourth Grade:  We're Passionate about Pollinators

C: How can we help increase pollinator numbers?

I: How can we encourage people to grow pollinator gardens?

A: What can we do in our school and community to help?

Fifth Grade:   A Drop Saved Today Keeps Disaster Away

C: What impacts our water resources?

I: How can you inspire others to protect water resources?

A: What can you do daily to protect water resources?