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Whitlow Restart FAQs

Whitlow Elementary School Re-Opening FAQ’s


How will Specials work at my child’s school?

We know that our Specials classes are vital for a child’s well being and they will continue to have specials on a daily basis.   As students participate in Specials classes, we will limit the students’ movement around the building and classes being intermixed to the extent possible.  In some cases, special teachers may go to the homeroom class to provide their instruction.  We will utilize a block schedule for Specials.  Students will attend the same Special for a consecutive number of days to limit exposure.  There will be a break between Specials to allow students to wash/sanitize their hands before returning to the classroom and Specials teachers to prepare for the next group.


Will my child still have recess?  

Yes!  Movement is vital to a child’s development. There will be a reduced number of students on the playground in designated areas.  Students will have the opportunity to wash/sanitize hands before and after recess.  Playground equipment will be utilized to support the spirit of play for children’s social & emotional growth. Activities that reduce physical contact will be encouraged. 


Will we have Open House?

Kindergarten students will have an in-person Open House. The Kindergarten student and one parent will come into the building for a brief orientation. 1st-5th Grades will meet their teacher at an outdoor Meet and Greet at school OR in a virtual Meet and Greet.  See the school website for more specific information.


How will lunch work?

At the beginning of school, teachers will walk students through the lunch line and back to their classrooms to eat. Students will eat in the cafeteria in a limited capacity when feasible.


How will you keep my child from being exposed to large groups during the day?

We have organizational procedures in place to limit large groups and reduce the number of interactions between students from other classrooms in unstructured environments such as car rider lines, recess, and dismissal.  


How will our classrooms be different this year?

Each teacher will intentionally maximize space within their classroom configuration to promote distancing to the extent possible.  Students will have multiple opportunities for hand washing/sanitizing throughout the school day  Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle, hand sanitizer, Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) and pencil/supply box from home.


Will visitors be allowed in our school building?

We love having parents partner with our school!  At this time, elementary schools will not be having classroom volunteers or lunch visitors.  We hope to be able to welcome visitors and volunteers into our school in the future. 


Can I walk my child to their classroom?

At this time, for the safety of students, staff and families, elementary schools will not be allowing parents/guardians to walk students to classrooms. We will have staff members available to ensure students get to their classrooms safely.  


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**Please note:  For those families interested in Special Education Virtual Learning, you will need to fill out BOTH the FCS Virtual Learning Commitment Form and the Special Education Virtual Learning Commitment form.