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2023-24 Lakeside Exam Schedule and Policy

The following is the exam schedule and policy for the 2023-24 school year.

All courses will have midterms and final exams. The test dates for this year have already been set. Please see the schedule of tests listed below and mark your calendars!  


Midterms: December 12-15

December 12th – Language Arts Part 1 (All grades)  

December 13th – Language Arts Part 2 (All grades)

December 14th – Science (All grades) and Spanish (8th grade only)      

December 15th – Math (All grades) and Social Studies (All grades)  


Final Exams: May 16-21

May 16th – Social Studies (All grades)

May 17th – Language Arts (All grades)

May 20th – Science (All grades) and Spanish (8th grade only)    

May 21st – Math (All grades) 


Please note that no exams may be taken early – there will be no exceptions. All exams that are missed due to being out of town early will be placed into the gradebook as missing. Missing grades do calculate as a zero, but a grade change can be made for missed midterms (midterms only) if the student takes the midterms on the first day back to school in January. There will be no opportunities to make up for missed end-of-year final exams. 

We hope that providing this information at the very beginning of school will ensure that all parents can plan and prepare in advance so that students can be present and prepared for all exams.