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Free Meals for All Children in Forsyth County!

The United States Department of Agriculture, the administrative agency of the School Nutrition Program, has approved a waiver that will allow schools to provide free meals to all students in Forsyth County. This waiver will last through our last school day in May or until federal funds expire.   Below are details for on-campus learners and virtual learners.

On-Campus Students:

  • All students currently attending classes on campus can enjoy a free breakfast and lunch at school starting on Wednesday, September 16.
  • Families do not need to do anything to take advantage of this waiver. All students will receive meals at no cost through December 22 or until federal funds expire.
  • A lunch meal consists of an entrée choice, fruit, vegetable, and choice of milk and a breakfast meal consists of an entrée choice, fruit or vegetable, and milk.
  • Snacks, bottled water, drinks, and additional meal components may be purchased at regular a la carte prices.

Virtual Students:

  • Meal service for our virtual learners will begin on Monday, September 28 as a curbside meal service. Families may not enter school.
  • Families may pick-up curbside at any one of our 10 schools listed below each day school is in session.
    • Big Creek Elementary  11:00-12:00  -  Carpool Lane in front of the school
    • DeSana Middle  11:30-12:30  -  Main entrance in front of the school
    • Lakeside Middle  11:30-12:30  -   Car Rider Line in front of the school
    • Matt Elementary  9:30-10:30  -  Back Parking Lot
    • North Forsyth Middle  10:00-11:00  -  Car Rider lane in front of the school
    • Otwell Middle  9:45-10:45  -  Car Rider Line at end of the 6th-grade hallway
    • Piney Grove Middle   11:00-12:00  -  Front entrance of the school
    • Settles Bridge Elementary  11:30-12:30  -  Car Rider Line in front of the school
    • Vickery Creek Elementary  9:00-10:00  -  In front of Cafe
  • Families picking up a meal at school do not need to do anything to take advantage of this waiver.
  • Lunch and breakfast for the following day will be available for pick-up. Since hot meals will also be served, food safety and reheating instructions are available at pick-up.
  • Curbside meal pick-up at the schools listed above is available for all children ages 0-18.

Families that qualify for meal benefits should still complete free and reduced-price meal applications to avoid a lapse in meal benefits once the waiver has ended.  Meal applications are not required to receive free meals during the time the waiver is active. If you have questions about free and reduced-price meal applications please contact Sandra McKinzie at

If you need further information regarding the free meal waiver, please direct your questions to April Cox at