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9 Week Progress Reports are available!

Nine Week Progress Reports for the second semester for all students are now available on Parent Portal. We are not sending home hard copy Progress Reports this year; they are all online, in Parent Portal. If a parent has not signed up to have access to Parent Portal to see his/her child’s grades and other information, please follow these steps to gain access.
Your middle schooler’s nine week Progress Report gives you and your middle schooler some excellent information about how he/she is doing in all of his/her classes at this half-way mark for the second semester. Please remember: This report shows how your child is progressing in his/her Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Enrichment, and/or 8th grade Spanish class thus far. It is not a final grade. The final grade for the second semester comes at the 18-week juncture on the final day of school in May. This Nine Week Progress Report also gives you/your young Dragon his/her final grade for the first nine weeks’ Connections classes.
With only one more quarter left in this school year, I hope both parents and students will take a few minutes to see how he/she is doing thus far. We want ALL of our young Dragons to finish strong for this school year!