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School Picture Day - Sept. 30

Reminder: Thursday, September 30, is our school picture day. Teachers will be distributing order forms to students to take home. Please ask your child about the order form. All pictures will be taken before lunch. Please click here for an electronic copy of the order form.

Please note the following information from Lily McGregor Photography  

  • We will be photographing all students that are present on picture day, regardless of intent to purchase.
  • If you intend on using the pre-pay form, your child must have it with them when they come to be photographed.  Pre-pay forms turned in after picture day will not be honored.
  • Roughly two weeks after picture day, we will be distributing access information for student online galleries.  This information will be distributed in two ways:  an email sent from us to each family using the email on file, as well as a printed flyer.
  • Those who have placed prepaid orders will receive their orders in the mail roughly three weeks following picture day.
  • Those who are not present on picture day will be eligible to be photographed on October 20.

Those who would like their student's portrait retaken can have this happen on retake day (the same day as makeup day).  Our retake policy is as follows:

  • If a pre-pay order was placed, they will need to notify us upon viewing their online gallery so that we can flag their order.  They will not have to pay a retake fee and we will print their package using their retake portrait.
  • Anyone else will need to pay a $5 retake fee to have a retake portrait taken.