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Game to Promote Vocabulary Development

Summer is right around the corner! Add some games to your list of family activities! Mrs. Karen Greco, a speech teacher at Cumming Elementary, came up with this game to promote vocabulary development. 
Mr. Hector and his sons demonstrate the game in this video (click here!).



1.       Read the list of words above the word in parenthesis.

2.       Have the players guess what you are naming/describing (see word in parenthesis).

3.       Repeat with another player. 


Make up your own list to name or describe an object/place/event, etc.

Remember to use kid-friendly terms.

Keep in mind the player’s age. Some of the examples included are for younger children and some are for older children. Adjust as needed.

Create your own version of the game and turn it into Tic-Tac-Toe.

Use it along with your favorite simple board game during Family Game Night.