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Want to Help? Review the $131,838 in Unfunded Grant Requests

Fall 2018 Unfunded Grant Requests

Individual or Business? General, Partial or Full Donation Options Available! FCS Employee Payroll Deduction Available too!

Our mission is to unify resources, not ordinarily provided by the district’s operating budget, that foster innovation for increased student achievement. The FC Education Governing Committee allocated $40,000 for this grant cycle, which funded grants at 11 schools. The unfunded requests total $131,838.90. If you are interested in assisting a school for 2018-19,  please use PayPal to make a full or partial tax-deductible donation towards an unfunded grant. Please use the note section to list your designated school/grant. 

Fall grants were open to all FC schools and district departments. Grants could be submitted individually or in partnership with others. There was no limit to the number of submissions from schools/departments. For more details on these grants contact Hannah Samples at 

Alliance Academy: Be the Change $5,500

As a new school, the staff is seeking to implement a Social/Emotional Program that will help us to develop a positive culture.  We want to highlight students being responsible for their choices and making decisions that are good to help them develop leadership.  The program we are looking to implement has three core principles that we will center on:  Respect, Responsibility and Resiliency which goes right along with our “Avenger Way”.

Big Creek ES: WonderLab $3,996.54

We would like to create a STEM lab, the Wildcat WonderLab, to allow our teachers and students to have space within our school to step away from the typical classroom and experience an environment that focuses on the skill needed to be successful in our new innovative world.  The grant would be used to fund materials and supplies such as robotics kits, Cubelets, iPads, and Ozobots to enhance our current Wildcat WonderLab.

Brookwood ES: Fab Lab $5,000

We would like to create a “Maker Space” within the current Technology Lab to further expand a STEAM teaching (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) approach to embracing more Engineering and Art within the same matrix.  An environment where students can experience creativity, brainstorming, the sharing of ideas with peers, and following their path of inquiry from start to finish will take adding new materials within the classroom.  The maker movement is about “moving from consumption to creating and turning knowledge into action”.

Daves Creek ES:  Fourth Grade Flexible Seating for an Ideal Learning Environment $5,0000

Our goal is to provide the best environment that is possible for student learning.  These seats would be beneficial during teacher-facilitated small group work. We would like to have the kinesthetic seating, such as wobble stools and balance balls. In addition, yoga mats and clipboards would be available to allow students to stretch out on the floor.  Children can attend to information more readily when there is a kinesthetic component, especially for kids who have difficulty with paying attention and focusing.

DeSana MS: A Hands-On Approach to 8th Grade & High School Physical Science Abstract Concepts $5,000

The goal of this project is to make some of the most abstract concepts taught in 8th grade and high school Physical Science to 8th grades at DeSana more concrete, where they can readily see the hands-on real-world application of this important concept.  The first facet involves using K’Nex building sets to help students better understand the difficult concepts of forces and motion.  The second facet involves the use of iPads with 8th graders taking the 8th grade course not the high school version. 

Forsyth Central HS: The Central Wellness Center $4,755

We would like to serve all students and teachers on campus with self-care by addressing social-emotional challenges.  To develop coping skills and managing everyday stress, we would empower and equip teachers to integrate breathing strategies and stress management skills as part of the daily classroom environment.  Staff and students would have open access to the Wellness Center, particularly during our lunch period as well as Instructional Focus.  We will accomplish this by incorporating comfortable seating, low lighting, oil diffusers, sound machines, and tactile activities.

Haw Creek ES: Innovative Technology $4,925

To enhance the learning experiences of all K-5 classrooms, we would like to purchase Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, iPhones to drive them, and a 360 degrees’ camera.  The VR glasses, paired with an iPhone, will create the opportunity for students to explore space, cells, foreign lands, etc.  In addition, the iPhones will be used to extend learning into the areas of robotics, coding, and video broadcasting.  The camera will bring the world to our students using virtual field trips.

Johns Creek ES: Citizen Science Pollinator Habitat $693.49

We want to provide our developing student scientists with opportunities to engage in citizen science initiatives that would allow them the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to science.   Or Citizen Science Habitat Grant would establish a pollinator habitat in the area surrounding our outdoor classroom.  Once established, JCE students would use the habitat to participate in various citizen science projects.  Studies show “that nature can help with stress” in addition to promoting other health benefits in children.

Kelly Mill ES: Colt Creations $4,100

In this area, we would like to add sewing machines, where students will design, and create their own clothing; 3D pens where students will use the design process and then use the 3D pens to create 3D objects; and a digital poster printer, where students will be able to try their hand at graphic design and print posters for projects. We would also provide a construction area where students would design architectural structures using a variety of building blocks and digitally create a piece of artwork, while then printing it on the robotic Water Color Bot.

Lakeside MS: Demonstrating Leadership in Academics, Kindness, and Excellence through P.R.I.D.E.:  The Implementation of Lakeside’s New SEL Initiative $5,000

This project is to develop a meaningful and measurable Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program that will provide classroom instruction, academic alignment, and real-life experiences for all Lakeside students.  The main objective of our program is to foster the students’ SEL beyond the classroom and provide real-life experiences through community partnerships, service projects, job shadowing, etc.  The overall goal is to improve Lakeside’s school climate and culture through the implementation of this new SEL program.

Liberty MS: 3-D Design & Printing $2,998

This project would create a classroom environment to support the objective of allowing students to design and print their own virtual creations.  Through the use of software such as SketchUp, TinkerCad, and Corel Draw, students could learn how to create their own conceptual designs into a virtual 3-D design and printing, while working concurrently with hands-on projects such as bridge or tower construction with balsa woods. 

Liberty MS: Dream Box $1,200

Liberty MS is working very hard to raise the mathematical reasoning skills for their students with disabilities.  These students need an intense program that will help them identify specific areas of deficit and target those areas to increase the overall mathematical reasoning for each student.  DreamBox is a research-based computer software that will be accessible in the special education literacy class to assist with building math confidence and increasing each students’ ability in math.

Liberty MS: Movement and Mindfulness Program $2,400

A Movement and Mindfulness program is crucial to the social-emotional development of our students.  Movement and Mindfulness benefit physical, emotional, and mental health.  By becoming more connected with oneself, one can increase self-awareness and develop qualities such as compassion and kindness, as well as improve focus and concentration.  Pre-tests and post-tests for each group will be administered to collect data and drive the direction of the program.  The money would provide materials, supplies and budgetary needs for this program.

Liberty MS: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support $4,980

Through this program, students would be encouraged to follow classroom rules and standards, focus on given tasks, complete work on time, be socially responsible to show themselves to be good citizens in their school and community, and meet goals they have made for themselves.  The system of earning points is a direct tie to the real-world economy, where work is paid when it is done responsibly, and expectations are met. As a reward for positive behavior, students will be able to use their points at the school store for tangible rewards. 

Little Mill MS: Agricultural Science Expansion $6,833.15

Our school has a goal of creating a comprehensive outdoor classroom space that integrates all our current outside learning stations with future expansion ideas such as beehives, butterfly garden, fruit orchard, and animal sciences. The gardens are in dire need of an irrigation system to fuel growth, promote sustainability, and solve logistical complications due to current water sources. The funding of these two projects will allow for two crucial steps forward for our school’s outdoor classroom.

Little Mill MS: Lego Engineers $1,632.50

The “Lego Engineers” is designed to be used with 6th-grade students who have expressed an interest in engineering.  Within this project, students would work together to create simple machines, structures, and mechanisms through Lego Education’s Simple Machine kits.  This project aligns with student interests and will give students a glimpse of the future curriculum as it aligns with 8th science classes along with our 6th-grade interest group.   We would need to purchase 8 kits Simple Machine Kits from LEGO Education and if funds allow, 1 Renewable Energy Add-On Kit and Pneumatics Add-On Set to further push students who master the simple machines engineering sets. 

Matt ES: PBIS School Store for rewarding Positive Behavior $1,500

Our goal is to model positive behavior and interactions and to reward students for making positive choices.  As part of the rewards or incentive for positive behavior, we are allowing students to earn tokens that can be used in a PBIS store or for privileges in the classroom.  The funds would be used to purchase items for the PBIS store.

Midway ES: Mighty Mustang Makerspace $4,719.51

We would construct a Makerspace in our media center. Our vision is for the media center to be the “heartbeat” of the school, serving not only as a place to check out books and promote literacy but also as a hub of engagement and problem-solving.  The Makespace would develop curiosity, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving through exploration of hands-on experiences.  Students will have the opportunity to use hands-on materials and technology tools to collaborate with peers and create projects. 

North Schools (Chattahoochee ES, Chestatee ES, Coal Mountain ES, Little Mill MS, North Forsyth HS, North Forsyth MS, and Silver City ES) K-12 Writing Plan Implementation and Training $15,000

The focus of this grant is to assist with the second stage of the K-12 Writing Plan:  professional development for teachers. Teachers throughout our schools have expressed a strong desire for professional learning to become better teachers of writing.  Teachers work to figure out how to teach writing by trial and error and by modeling the writing process for students.  We, as principals, want to honor our teachers’ request and want to provide this much needed professional learning/training.  A writing consultant will also assist in identifying critical junctions in standards in our vertical progression.

Otwell MS: Readers Serve Local Communities & Deliver Hope $5,000

Targeted students would read a variety of literary genres and actively participate in purpose-filled activities.  These authentic experiences provide the necessary motivational “HOOKS” needed to engage the middle school learner.  The students would practice their reading skills as they participate in a few activities:  reading craft directions, constructing crafts and writing notes to mentees and assisted living facility friend (Crafting for Hope), reading recipes, cooking healthy meals, and serving students’ families in the kitchen (Healthy Cooking to Serve).

Piney Grove MS: The Science of Character $6,000

The Science of Character would be guided in each classroom, the teachers would be guiding discussions about helps students identify their own positive character traits and how those character traits could be used to better our community.  Phase II of our program would focus on expanding the existing program to include a motivational speaker for our character day celebration, additional self-reflection and growth tracking components added to our lessons, multiple opportunities each month for student application, and the practice of the character traits.  The development of this new professional learning community would focus on incorporating social-emotional learning in classroom instruction.  

Sawnee ES: PBIS Implementation & Store $5,000

Sawnee is beginning their first year of implementation of PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support).  Social Emotional Learning encompasses five areas:  self-management, self-awareness, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness.  As our students are exposed to the PBIS framework, they will acquire and effectively apply the knowledge and skills needed to understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve goals, show empathy for others and make responsible choices.  We would provide t-shirts for our student and staff body, creating a sense of teamwork as we work together to build leaders.

Shiloh Point ES: Reading Resources $915.18

Our goal is to instill the love of reading in all our students.  If our students love reading, they will want to do more of it which will ultimately increase reading achievement.  To support the professional learning sessions centered around The Reading Strategies Book, we want to provide each grade level with a set of grade level mentor text recommended in Serravallo’s book as well as a copy of The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook which focuses on turning assessment data into goal-directed instruction for reading.

Silver City ES: Production Equipment for Audio/Visual Pathway $2,495

This would create the opportunity for students to experience audio/visual careers through broadcast production. The students would be learning the control board, thus understanding how this directly relates to the high school production studio and become better prepared for the audio-visual pathway.  Parents, grandparents, and friends from all over the country will continue to tune in to the new show with an ever-growing audience.

Silver City ES: #Readers4Life $4,860

Through the utilization of author studies, we would give our students countless opportunities to improve key tenets of successful reading: phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.  Author studies in our classrooms would build students’ critical thinking skills. Students would learn to compare and contrast themes, analyze text and illustrations, and make connections between the author's life and their very own experiences.  This practice is necessary for student ownership and a much deeper level of learning.  This would be a new program implemented by our Kindergarten Team. 

South Forsyth HS: Just Not Cool:  Anti Vaping and Awareness Campaign $5,000

We intend to utilize the funds from the grant to expand the campaign throughout the year so that all students are exposed to the hidden dangers of this growing epidemic among their peers at the local and national levels.  Our marketing students would be designing the advertising and billboards and materials would be produced by our engineering students. Funds would also provide a guest speaker on the dangers of vaping and its role as a gateway to subsequent drug abuse.

South Forsyth MS: Hydroponics Lab $5,580

The overall goal of the Hydroponics Lab is for students to analyze the process of farming in a safe environment.  The goal focuses on sustainability and interdependent relationships in ecosystems.  Through organizing the hydroponic lab, students may justify the concept of sustainability, and during the school year, students will formulate hypotheses for controlled experiments and gather data to be analyzed for a functional conclusion.

Special Education Department: iFocus Literacy Project $2,140

The iFOCUS Literacy Project is important because it will improve our students’ academic progress by providing a richer literacy experience but also affirms our Forsyth County belief in Quality Learning and Superior Performance for ALL.   This project will impact current and future iFOCUS students and can be measured through progress on individual student IEP objectives related to literacy.  Effective literacy instruction opens doors for students to not only develop good reading skills, but it also enhances a student’s ability to think critically and set them up to access content that would otherwise be out of reach.

West Forsyth HS: Technology Needs $5,000

The use of additional Chromebooks would allow WFHS to conduct EOC tests in traditional classrooms.  This would eliminate the relocation of all CTAE classes and would allow us to accomplish all EOC testing within only one week.  Consequently, have extra Chromebooks would benefit a multitude of students and teachers within our school community.  An additional use for the Chromebooks would be in our AP Psychology courses would be provided with the requested technology to make use of the Nearpod software recently added by Forsyth County Schools.

Whitlow ES: Robotics is for Everyone $4,805.71

Our mission is to create a project called Robotics for Everyone. We want to bring experiences in coding, programming, and robotic construction to all students.  We want our students to learn the ins and outs of what is behind their robotic and computerized devices and that these are career opportunities for all of them to pursue.  We would like to add the Code & Go Robot Mouse Kit (plus extra mice) and Botley the Coding Robot (extra Botley bots as well).