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Congrats! 2022 #FoundationFriYAY Grant Summaries

One duck, three teams, 25 stops, 30 grants and over $126,000! The 2022 #FoundationFriYAY was a BIG success. Thank you to those that participated in the 2022 Duck Dive for Education. Your duck "adoptions" directly impacted our students and schools.

2022 Grantees Include:

Alliance Academy for Innovation, Forsyth County Schools’ college and career high school, received a $4,149 grant for the “Center of Strength” program to integrate physical fitness throughout the school day.

The Roaring with Robotics program at Big Creek Elementary School received a $4,965 grant for their VEX robotics team, providing access to more VEX Robotic Kits.

Chestatee Elementary School received a grant of $4,620 for the school's Lexia Lab to aid ESOL students in working toward a mastery of reading.

Daves Creek Elementary School received a $3,248.28 grant for its Lego Learning Lab to develop social, problem-solving, organizational, and planning skills by using hands-on activities in the school.

Denmark High School was awarded a grant of $5,000 for their Newcomer Literacy program to enhance reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills among students.

East Forsyth High School received a grant for $5,000 for its Building Our One East Community program, which brings students and their families from the East vertical team schools together throughout the year.

Forsyth County Schools’ Special Education Department and The FoCAL Center were awarded a $5,000 grant for the Penguin Project 2023 show: Seussical Jr. In this program, students with special needs are paired with typical peers, encouraging the formation of positive relationships and life skills.

Forsyth Central High School received a $5,000 grant for the Grand Central Community Wellness School Initiative, which supports students and families in need by providing food, school supplies, clothing, and more at the renovated school store. Additionally, Forsyth Central was awarded a second grant for $5,000 to support the “Evaluation and Enhancing Strength and Conditioning” program to individualize workouts, track data, and develop healthy habits for students in the weight room.

Johns Creek Elementary School received a grant of $1,738 for a therapy dog. Goals for this program include increasing student and staff wellbeing, limiting the number of situations involving de-escalation, reducing the need for crisis assessments, and supporting growing readers.

Liberty Middle School received a grant of $5,000 to finish creating and furnishing the Liberty Connection room, which is a therapeutic environment in the counseling office for students to utilize when needed.

Little Mill Middle School received a grant of $3,125.34 for Construction Safety, which will help fund the very first Carpentry and Construction Pathway for middle school students (currently available at East Forsyth High School). This program is an opportunity for students to learn skills like plumbing, electrical work, and tool safety.

Mashburn Elementary School received a $2,500 grant for their Blue Bear Calm Down Kits, which will contain timers, fidget toys, breathing cards, and more to teach students to self-regulate their emotions. Additionally, Mashburn received a second grant for $4,296 for VEX Robotics Kits to support STEM and create a hands-on learning experience.

Matt Elementary School received a $2,436 grant for Matt MakerSpace, which is a place for students to explore different passions such as engineering, coding, robotics, and production.

New Hope Elementary School received a grant for its Building New Dreams Through Drumming program for $4,073.16. This grant will allow the school to purchase enough drums for everyone in the classroom to have a set, giving students the opportunity to learn a musical instrument with their peers. Additionally, New Hope received a second grant for $4,470 for the Nighthawks Hatching from the Nest program. This program will utilize different sensory regulations and wellness support materials to help children learn valuable wellness skills.

North Forsyth High School’s Science Ambassador program received a $5,000 grant to help with science nights at elementary schools in the North Community.

The North Forsyth Vertical School Team (four elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school) was awarded $5,000 for their North Family Fun Festival, which is attended by students and their families who live in the community.

Otwell Middle School was awarded a $4,908 grant for the Innovation Lab, which provides students access to the latest coding, programming, critical thinking, and other hands-on resources.

A $4,736.45 grant was awarded to Poole’s Mill Elementary School for their school-wide leveled book room to promote literacy for all students and to serve as a resource for students and teachers.  

Riverwatch Middle School received a $1,550 grant for Flextime Funds, which occurs twice a week for 45 minutes for teachers and students to participate in activities based on their passions and interests.

 Settles Bridge Elementary School received a grant for $1,200 to buy six new robots for students to use in the C-lab to learn coding techniques and robotic skills.

Shiloh Point Elementary School received a $4,945 grant for a book vending machine. Children who have demonstrated positive classroom behavior are given the opportunity to choose a book, therefore increasing reading and literacy.

Silver City Elementary School was awarded a grant of $3,209 for the Comet Trail Tales Book Walk. As students make their way along the nature trail, they will have different pages from a book to read. Additionally, Silver City received a second grant for $5,000 for their Stronger Together program, which prepares kindergarteners and their parents/guardians for their first year of school.

A grant of $5,000 was awarded to South Forsyth High School for its War Eagle Victory Garden. This project will mirror the Victory Gardens planted during WWI and WWII that helped combat food shortages.

South Forsyth Middle School has been awarded $5,000 for new adaptive swings, used by students in specialized instruction classes, and to provide a place for mentors to meet with their “buddies”.

Vickery Creek Middle School received $4,980 for the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program. This program rewards students for their positive behavior and uses restorative practices for problem-solving.

West Forsyth High School received a $4,905 grant for the “Developing ICONs” program, which aligns with the West Family Values program, encouraging students and staff to partake in building a positive learning environment.