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EFHS End of Year Grading/Reporting, Final Exams and Summer School Information

EFHS will administer Final Exams  May 23rd – May 26th.  Each of these days will be Early Release - our dismissal time will be 12:55 PM. 

Teachers will be finalizing grades in the afternoon - all students must leave campus at 12:55 PM.  A copy of the Final Exam Schedule for the week of May 23rd is below:


On May 23rd,  students will only take their 7th period exam.  This exam session will conclude by 10:20 AM.  Students wishing to check out at the conclusion of the 7th period exam must do so by completing this form.  Students remaining on campus until 12:55 PM will report to their Bronco Block Homebase for the remainder of the day.

Reminder:  If students are exempt from final exams, they do not need to check in/out through the attendance office – they should report directly to their class.  Checkouts will not be allowed during the final exam session.

EOC Weighting:  20% of the student's overall average

Final Exam Weighting: 

  • EOC Course:  Final exam is weighted as 1 summative
  • Non-EOC Course:  Final exam is weighted as 2 summatives

Exam Exemption Letters:

  • Teachers will print and distribute Exam Exemption Letters the week before Final Exams
  • Students can exempt final exams in any course (except Driver Education) with a 90, or higher, course average . 
  • Students enrolled in AP courses are exempt from the Final Exam regardless of their grade in the course. However, an AP student may choose to take the Final Exam. 

Attendance During Exams:

  • Attendance for Final Exams is mandatory for students unless they are exempt.
  • Students who miss an exam and do not make it up on Friday, May 27th at 8 AM will earn a 0 in the gradebook for the exam grade.


Summer School Options:

For information regarding summer school, click here.