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New School Named! Learn About New Hope Elementary, Opening 8/22


Forsyth County Schools (FCS) is building its 23rd elementary school, and last school in the 2018 bond program, on the west side of Castleberry Road, north of Bethelview Road. Opening in August 2022, it is projected to relieve current and future overcrowding at Whitlow ES, Vickery Creek ES, Shiloh Point ES, and Midway ES. 

Board member Tom Cleveland, a representative of the Forsyth County Historical Society, and FCS staff reviewed the name recommendations submitted online and studied the names and history of current Forsyth County schools. This group recommended the name New Hope Elementary School, which was approved by the Forsyth County Board of Education on September 15, 2020. 

The name “New Hope” echoes across the decades and endures as a positive vision and message —that the challenges that weigh us down in the past or today, especially those we have faced in 2020, should never dissuade us from imagining a better, more just, and more love-filled future. The new design of this school, as well as the bright colors and wood finishes both inside and outside the building, also reflect positive growth and vision.


FCS’ history started in 1873 when "old field schools,” log buildings with dirt floors built in cleared fields, were consolidated into one public district. At that time, there were 1,456 total students: 114 African American/Black and 1,342 White.

Further historical research determined that there were 16 African Americans/Black schools in Forsyth County in the early 1900’s. New Hope was one of the largest African American/Black schools at that time. It served 44 students and was located on land donated by T.R./Thomas Roper. Mr. Roper, one of the largest African American/Black landowners at that time in the county, owned six sections of land identified in 1910 and 1912 tax digests. One, where the school was believed to be located, was 20 acres.