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Are you getting messages from Mashburn?

This is just a reminder that at Mashburn Elementary we communicate often and in various ways. Information is put on our Mashburn Dashboard on ItsLearning, on our web page, and on our Facebook / Twitter accounts. Information is also sent out in emails via Campus Messenger. We have sent quite a few already and hope that you have not missed them. If you are not receiving them for some reason there are a couple things you will need to check.

When you log in to Parent Portal with your parent credentials, scroll to the bottom and you will see an inbox.


Here you will find all of the emails we are sending out school-wide.

We do not expect you to log into Parent Portal to look for emails, we just wanted to make you aware of their location here just in case you missed any.

In order to have these emails sent to your email address / addresses, you may do the following:

First click on ​Contact Preferences​ on the lower left side of the screen.


When the new screen opens up, check your email addresses at the top. If they are incorrect you can change them. If there are not any, you can add them. ​Hit save at the bottom of the screen after updating.


Now you should see those email addresses at the bottom of the screen.


You can check as many things as you would like. But in order to have these emails delivered to your email account(s) you must check the ​General Notification ​in the rows containing your email addresses.

If you are still not receiving emails after making these changes, please don’t hesitate to call us. We will work with you to try to solve the problem.