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A mentor is a volunteer that works to provide a young person with a special, encouraging relationship.  The hope is for this relationship to become a foundation for success in a child’s life. Through this relationship, a mentor attempts to foster the child’s self-­worth, motivation, coping skills, and strength of character. Put very simply, a mentor lends a child-friendly support and a listening ear. You can do this by just talking to the child, reading a book to or with the child, playing a game, or doing an art activity. This gives children a chance to experience some success in a caring environment removed from the regular classroom setting. Mentoring is a unique way that you can help children and give back to your community. One person can MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 

Apply today by clicking the  link provided. You can contact Meagan Soles directly with any questions by email: or phone: 770-887-6161 ext. 772108