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Carline Procedures


Thank you for reviewing our car rider procedures.  If you have any quesitons or need accommodations, please let us know what we can do to help you.


  1. Please see the photo below of our traffic patterns for the car rider line. This traffic pattern allows for as many cars to get off of Hwy 20 and Spot Rd. Connector so that traffic doesn't back up on the main roads. The blue line represents the pattern to follow when arriving for both drop-off and pick-up.
  2. For the morning drop-off: To ensure a timely arrival at school, we strongly encourage students to ride the bus. Once your car comes to a complete stop (designated drop off location with a green line), encourage your child to quickly exit on the passenger side only. Please note that the car rider line is for students in both buildings, so no matter where your car stops on the designated drop-off area, your child will need to exit wherever you stop. Although we know that it is easier to drop students off directly closer to their specific building, this slows the car rider down tremendously and will not allow us to get our students into their classrooms on time. ***Please note that adults should not get out of the car while in car rider line. If you need to assist your child in exiting the car, please pull into a parking spot and walk your child to the front door.  If you need help, please put on your hazards as a way to notify a staff member that you need support.
  3. For afternoon pick-up:Upon arriving for afternoon carline, please stop at the designated posts.  Please do not pull forward until 2:40. One of our staff members will move these cones at that time. (We have students changing classes between buildings up until 2:50.  For the safety of our children, we do not allow any car traffic in this area. When the area is clear, we will move the cones closest to the office doors, so the car line can move forward to prepare for car dismissal. Early checkouts are allowed as late as 2:30.  Please display your car tag at all times so that our staff can efficiently collect this information when needed.   If we pull forward before these parents leave, we block them in until carline is finished. Often missing doctor appoints, meetings, funerals, etc.)  Once your car comes to a complete stop at the designated cone, encourage your child to quickly enter the vehicle on the passenger side only. If they need support buckling up, please feel free to pull forward out of the car rider line to allow other vehicles to pass by. Please continue to work with your child on memorizing their car rider number at home.  Our school safety department is actively seeking for a police officer to help with traffic on Spot Rd. Connector. In the meantime, we would like to encourage you to exit to the right on Spot Rd. Connector as a way to avoid cross traffic. Thank you for your support as we continue to find ways to be both safe and efficient.


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