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Kindergarten Event Schedule and Supply List

 Kindergarten Bus Round-up and Open House - July 30, 2019 12-1:30 pm

Rising Kindergarteners and their parents will be picked up at their bus stop and ride to school for Kindergarten Open House. At Open House, you will meet your child's teacher and can also purchase spirit wear and set up a lunch account. After Open House, the bus will take you back to your bus stop. We're so excited to see you there!

***You will receive a phone call from transportation regarding your designated bus stop prior to this date.

Kindergarten Round-up will also be available for students with special needs. If your child attends a school outside your home school district for program need or is unable to ride a regular education bus due to a physical disability, please contact North end transportation supervisor Wendy Funderburg at 770-888-1234, ext.220118 or South end supervisor Tammy Webb at ext. 220512. You must contact transportation 3 days prior to July 30th,  in order to arrange a pick-up time. Parents must ride the bus with your child but please make other arrangements for siblings due to limited space on the bus.