SFHS German Diploma Ceremony

As the only Partnerschule in Forsyth County, South Forsyth High School participated last year for the very first time in the Deutsches Sprachdiplom exams. These exams are prepared by the German Federal Office of Administration of the Central Agency for Schools Abroad. These exams are held at more than 1,100 schools in 70 countries, with about 70,000 participants every year worldwide. This is a very competitive process.


Fifteen SFHS juniors and seniors took the exam last Spring, passed and are now eligible for their Spachdiplom. In addition to this honor, the students are now eligible to enroll at a preparatory Studienkolleg in Germany, with the intention of completing their university studies (undergraduate or graduate) in Germany with free college tuition.


On October 13, 2017, we hosted Michael Göttert as he awarded the diplomas to our students. Also in attendance was Patrick Wallace, Georgia Department of Education; Michaela Claus-Nix, World Language Specialist Forsyth County Schools, Dr. Cindy Salloum, Associate Superintendent of Human Resources and Legal Services, Mrs. Laura Wilson, Principal of South Forsyth High School, other faculty members, students, and parents of students receiving these awards.


German Diplomas

From left to right: Kimberly Ohrstrom, Chloe Nathan, Jonas Strecker, Christine Yang, William Sherlock, Beembie Ngamdee, Adrian von Glahn, Maguire Schippmann, Justin Bailey, Shalin Bhandari, Daniel Snoddy, Stefani Legall-Riddle.


Erin Maley, Matthew Powell, Aidan Killer, Samantha Seely, and Sascha Jakobs also received the diploma but could not be present for the picture.