SFHS Poetry Declamation

Over 400 high school students from Georgia and South Carolina participated in the 2017 Poetry Declamation Contest at Clemson University. Each student memorized two poems in one of nine world languages and recited them in front of a panel of college professors. Students are judged on textual accuracy, pronunciation, delivery, and interpretation. Thirty-five South Forsyth High School students recited poems in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.  Thirteen of our students won a medal and placed in the competition.


GOLD MEDALS  (1st place):

Lauren James  (German 4B)

Matthew Minshall  (German 3B)


SILVER MEDALS (2nd place):

Luc Barenghien  (French 3B)

Gabriela Conde Borres (Spanish 4B)

Nadira Javid (Spanish 4B)

Shrikar Modukuri (German 1A1)

Anna Toms (German 1A2)

Mary Claire Toms  (German 2A)


BRONZE MEDALS (3rd place):

Manaal Basra (Spanish 4B)

Vanessa Garcia-Urbina (Japanese 3A)

Margarethe Little (French 4B)

Jayasri Mankan (Spanish 3A1)

Sarah Taylor (Spanish 3A2)

Poetry Awards