History Day

On Saturday, February 17, students from South Forsyth competed at the Northeast Georgia Regional competition for National History Day.  All of our students did an outstanding job, and we have a record 8 projects that are moving on to the state competition at Mercer on April 21.  Below is a list of students and their topics.  As you see these students over the next couple of days be sure to congratulate them for their hard work and dedication.



  • Trey Walker – 3rd Place for his performance on US entry into WWI



  • Surya Rangaswamy – 1st Place for his research paper on WWI Diplomatic Policy

  • Lauryn Glover – 2nd Place for her research paper on the Paris Peace Conference of 1919

  • Will Logsdon – 3rd Place for his research paper on submarine warfare during WWI


  • Aditya Bhave and Emily Goncalves – 1st Place for their website on Bakke v. Board of Regents

  • Yasaswini Potturi and Om Purohit – 2nd Place for their website on the War of Spanish Succession


  • Amber Cat, Danielle Espinoza, Nadira Javid, and Tusha Kondaveeti – 1st Place for their exhibit on Pearl Harbor

  • Sumi Kolli – 2nd Place for her exhibit on the League of Nations and the Treaty of Versailles