National German Exam Awards

The results for the National German Exam for Level 1 were released. This is only the second year that South Forsyth High School participated in the National German Exam for Level 1 students.  


36 of our Level 1 students participated in the exam and we had 5 gold award winners, (they scored in the 90th percentile or better in the nation), 7 students won silver (89th-80th percentile), 5 won bronze (79th-70th percentile), and 9 won the achievement award (69th-60th percentile - still above the national average.). 


These accomplishments are a direct result of how hard our students work in the classroom, how passionate they are about learning the German Language and how interested they are in the German Culture.   


It was fun to see how proud our students felt when I told them their results today.  Considering that most of these students are freshmen, I feel that we have a strong foundation for continued success in the National German Exam and with our German Program as a whole for years to come.


Gold Award Winners

Marina Vargas

Lauren Henggeler

Olivia Zeitlin

Laila De Jong

Abhinav Iyer


Silver Award Winners

Glenn Mallard

Kenna Palmer

Sebastian Elisan

Ashlyn Martin

Ashley Currey

Taylor James

Tommy Phan


Bronze Award Winners

Jacob Zorko

Euan Maley

Ritesh Manugula

Rithvik Ram

Sherry Teng


Achievement Award Winners

Seth Brand

Kelsey Watson

Max Johnson

Serena Madsen

Eric Schmitt

Anna Toms

Ivan Lu

Chris Wilusz

Chan Baik