• StrategicPlan
    Forsyth County Schools is proud to be one of the top districts in Georgia and the United States. This success has been accomplished with a long-standing commitment to strategic planning with staff, parents, citizens and businesses, working to support the primary customer, the individual student.

    Highlights from prior Strategic Plans include:

    1st Plan: United the growing community around public education

                    Designed the first district technology plan​

    2nd Plan: Defined FCS culture by creating a shared vision and beliefs statements

    3rd Plan:  Added a district mission and refined the beliefs to grow organizational climate

                    Created the district’s Data Dashboard​ for transparency

    4th Plan: Evolved the Graduate Profile to an all-grades Learner Profile

                    Unified the schools and district office with one district-wide Continuous

                    Improvement process

    The fifth Strategic Plan was created during the 2016-17 school year and was approved by the Board of Education in June 2017. Working in partnership with the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA)​, FCS Cabinet and Board members reviewed various data sources, as well as survey and focus group feedback from 7,000+ stakeholders. The process also included recommendations from the AdvancED Accreditation visit last school year.

    Review the 2017-22 Strategic Plan Overview presentation AND the four-page brochure!


    Core Values*
    Vision: Quality Learning and Superior Performance for All

    Mission: We prepare and inspire all learners to lead and succeed.


    Trust among all stakeholders is vital.

    Expectations influence accomplishments because everyone has the capacity to learn.

    A school-community partnership is essential.

    Change creates opportunity.

    High-performing leadership makes visions reality.

    As we recruit and induct employees into our district, we share our district’s core values, which are the heart of what makes Forsyth County Schools work so well. We really do consider our staff, our students and their families, members of our family. Forsyth County Schools is extremely progressive, yet maintains a welcoming, and caring culture. 
    *Reviewed with each Strategic Plan.
    Who We Serve
    Forsyth County Schools’ primary customer, who is at the center of everything we do, is the individual student. The district works collaboratively with other customers, such as staff, parents, citizens and businesses, to support the primary customer. 
    FCS Learner Profile
    The Learner Profile is the work of our school district. It is displayed in every classroom in the district. The Learner Profile lists the attributes we expect all students to possess by the time they graduate from one of our high schools. It will be reviewed by staff in 2021 as part of the district's Continuous Improvement Process.
    2017-22 Strategic Plan
    For Strategic Planning, FCS follows Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (RPIE). The new five-year plan includes a revised mission (listed above under Core Values). It also has three goal plan areas to reach FCS’ vision. View performance objectives and measures, initiatives, action steps, primary person responsible, evidence that indicates impact, monitoring actions of implementation, and estimated cost, funding source and/or resources by selecting the goal plan areas below. The plan was reviewed with the Georgia School Board Association (GSBA) in 2018. Another review, along with a two-year update, will be completed fall, 2019.
    FCS Continuous Improvement Process (School and Department Improvement Plans)