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    Forsyth County Schools is proud to be one of the top districts in Georgia and the United States. This success has been accomplished through dedication to our mission and a commitment to continuous improvement through the cooperative efforts of all stakeholders.
    We are currently working on the next Strategic Plan. CLICK HERE to review our progress.

    Core Values
    Vision: Quality Learning and Superior Performance for All (est. 2001)
    Mission: Forsyth County Schools prepares and inspires all students to contribute and excel.
    T rust among all stakeholders is vital.
    E xpectations influence accomplishments because everyone has the capacity to learn.
    A school-community partnership is essential.
    C hange creates opportunity.
    H igh-performing leadership makes visions reality.
    Our success did not happen overnight. It started with the hard work and commitment of a few around solid beliefs, which lead to many more joining our district to further our mission. As we recruit and induct employees into our district, we share our district’s core values, which are the heart of what makes Forsyth County Schools work so well. We really do consider our staff, our students and their families, members of our family. Forsyth County Schools is extremely progressive, yet maintains a welcoming, and caring culture.
    Who We Serve
    Forsyth County Schools’ primary customer, who is at the center of everything we do, is the individual student. The district works collaboratively with other customers, such as staff, parents, citizens and businesses, to support the primary customer. CLICK HERE for the Who We Serve diagram.
    Strategic Compass: The Learner Profile
    During the strategic planning process for the current Strategic Plan, the district evolved Forsyth County Schools’ Graduate Profile (2009) to a Learner Profile (2013) to ensure all students are college and career ready. Beginning in 2016, the list of attributes are reviewed and updated as part of the Continuous Improvement process. The Learner Profile is displayed in every classroom in the district.
    CLICK HERE for the Learner Profile. 
    Our Path to Greatness: 2013-16 Strategic Plan
    The current Strategic Plan is the district’s fourth plan and was developed with community and staff input using multiple methods that included one-on-one conversations, focus groups, meetings, and online input. CLICK HERE for the Strategic Planning Process diagram.
    It includes five areas for improvement:
    Instruction: Fulfill the expectations of the Learner Profile
    Human Resources: Ensure a highly effective workforce
    Facility and Safety Services: Provide safe and secure facilities that support the needs of students, staff and programs
    Technology Services: Leverage technology for all to increase student learning
    Operational Services: Deliver high quality services that maximize available resources
    The Path Forward: 2013 and Beyond

    Immediately following the approval of the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan, Forsyth County Schools began four initiatives:
    Continuous Improvement Process: School and Dept. Improvement Plans
    Prior to this new plan, Forsyth County Schools' departments and schools operated on individual improvement processes. Under the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan, all are unified with one Continuous Improvement Process: Plan, Implement and Review.  With this united focus, AIM School Plans evolved to School Improvement Plans and district Department Improvement Plans were created. An annual calendar for Continuous Improvement was created and implemented. School Improvement Plans, which are aligned to AdvancED Standards and the district's Strategic Plan, drive Department Improvement Plans.
    Forsyth County Schools is the seventh largest district in Georgia and is continually listed as one of the fastest growing counties in the United States. During the recession the district added new students, however the operational budget did not increase and there were no funds available for capital improvements, such as renovations and modifications, additions and new school construction. Throughout 2013 and 2014, Forsyth County Schools worked with various district departments, all Forsyth County schools and other stakeholders to create the 2014-2019 Facilities Plan to address instructional (such as curriculum programs, Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE), special education, and technology support), facilities, and financing needs. A number of projects were included in the 2014 bond, and have been opening annually since voter approval.
    Leadership Development: Performance Management Culture
    Georgia’s Teacher and Leader Keys Evaluation System (TKES and LKES) was implemented in FCS beginning with the 2013-2014 school year. Using these two evaluation tools as a foundation, Forsyth County Schools is working to establish an inclusive Performance Management Culture that will develop a robust and thorough employee evaluation system that is an integrated, ongoing process that manages performance, assesses effectiveness, and provides support, such as professional development, to ensure accountability.
    Measuring Results: College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) and Data Dashboard
    The evaluation of the 2013-2016The evaluation of the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan is very important to the success of Forsyth County School students and staff, as well as the quality of life in the Cumming-Forsyth County community. Forsyth County Schools utilizes a variety of evaluation tools, such as annual improvement plans, GAPSS, data teams, the Data Dashboard (revised in 2015) the Georgia Department of Education’s College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) and survey data, and the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement Georgia School Reports.